How does it work?

We ask a lot of questions to uncover your desire. Our discovery process has been refined over many years through the crafting of hundreds of homes. Our approach is detailed, intimate and thorough. We’ll walk you through needs and desires you may never consider to properly create a blueprint for your dream. This unique discovery process gives us the guidance necessary to select appropriate design and construction approaches and optimize the selection and coordination of sub-contractors.

Innovative Designs has been exceeding expectations for over 20 years with a disciplined focus on Quality, Service and Trust.

Exceptional quality is a result of perfecting the details.

Quality is the primary focus at Innovative Designs, and our reputation is second to none. An uncommon team of award-winning artisans, craftsmen and designers create brilliant building finishes. This quality of workmanship makes us one of the most respected custom-home builders in South Florida. Attention to detail at Innovative Designs is without equal or compromise.

If you seek the extraordinary, search no further.

We’ve been turning promises into satisfaction since 1996.

Individual attention and personal service are at the core of client satisfaction. We react immediately to your desire. No request is too trivial or unimportant. Each client is given full-time project coordination, guidance and the personal cellphone number of President Vic Lohmann.

Dreams may be the sum of specific desires, but satisfaction is immeasurable.

Dreams are built on foundations of trust.

Trust is created and maintained with dedication, expertise, and a track record of success. We have a history of building trust with a loyal following of ‘dreamers’ over the last three decades.

We earn trust every day with impeccable service and rock-solid integrity.