The Innovative Alliance is a group of existing Design and Construction Professionals working in cooperation to deliver to a prospective home buyer a fully complimented Design and Construction team. The advantage of this approach is having a significant leap forward in the Design-Build process thereby greatly accelerating the delivery schedule by at least six months. After identifying a suitable location the time typically required to identify, interview, and hire a Design team and repeat the process with a construction team can easily exceed six months or more. By starting the journey to completion with a fully developed design concept with pricing to build allows the prospect to launch the build cycle significantly faster together with the certainty of cost to complete prior to purchasing the land.

Innovative Alliance members are coordinated through Innovative Designs-Luxury Home Builders.

Innovative Designs

Victor Lohmann has worked in South Florida’s construction industry since 1991 with 18 of those years focused solely on high end residential construction & development for both his own firm and other Custom Home Builders/Developers. Victor enjoys a stellar reputation in this demanding niche by delivering a highly polished quality product, on time and on budget.

Ames Architecture  

Established in 1984 in Boca Raton, Florida by founder and Architect Shane Ames. The firm has enjoyed tremendous success contributing to the industry through the design of luxurious and memorable single family homes, multi-family housing projects and commercial ventures. Shane has done projects in 27 countries throughout the globe. Receiving numerous awards, and accolades, being published in dozens of periodicals and books, and also appearing on , the National Television program Home and Garden TV.

KWD, Landscape Design

KWD has been enriching the fabric of Florida’s landscape for more than thirty years. Their stunning hardscape and landscape designs are custom created to be and expression of their clients and their lifestyles. Founder Krent Wieland has fostered a corporate culture of respect that influences how the firm designs, placing strong emphasis on listening to the client and the site. KWD has been recognized with numerous awards for its work with single-family homes and residential resort communities.